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Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats

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Depot out of Service

Letter to Welwyn Hatfield Times


Dear Sir or madam,

Residents of Peartree Lane with the threat of a bus servicing depot being built at the bottom of their gardens are jubilant after a planning inspector threw out an appeal against the refusal by Welwyn Hatfield council.

Applicants Welham Travel saw their application recommended for approval by council officers, but after I as ward councillor plus local residents spoke out against it at a planning meeting In January this year, councillors threw the application out.

The applicants then raised an appeal to an inspector at the last possible moment. The local residents association strongly objected to the proposal and I also wrote to the inspector explaining why the application should be rejected and finally the inspector announced he agreed and the application was rejected.

It was very disappointing to see the council planning officer recommending approval, but I and residents were determined to fight it and our stance has been justified. It shows a well organised and argued campaign can win. Peartree residents can look forward to sleeping more easily as a result of this.

Jayne Ranshaw, one of the local residents who fought this said "This proposal was wholly unsuitable in a residential area. We are delighted that the inspector upheld the councillors' decision and rejected the application".

Malcolm Cowan
Liberal Democrat Councillor


Christina Raven Selected as Liberal Democrat Candidate for Welwyn West

Christina Raven, LidDem Candidate for Welwyn WestThe Liberal Democrats have chosen Christina Raven as their candidate for the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council by-election in Welwyn West ward set for 29th November. An osteopath who practises in Welwyn, Hitchin and SE London, Christina grew up in Digswell and returned in 2007 to live in Old Welwyn.

Christina explained why she is standing: "My earliest memories are rooted in this community, and I've made Welwyn my home for more than a decade. I love this community, and want to contribute to both preserving what is best about it, and also making it better.

"There are so many things about this area that are special, but we are also facing a number of challenges that could do irreparable harm. Too often in the past decisions have been made at the Borough Council level that ignored the views of our residents and of our Parish Council. Decisions should be made at the most local level possible, not from the top down.

"I believe Welwyn, along with Wilshere Park, Oaklands West and the Ayots, needs someone who will fight for the needs of our community, rather than toeing the party line. I hope to have the opportunity to be a champion for our area as the next Councillor for Welwyn West."


"Incapacitated" Service

Letter to Welwyn Hatfield Times


Dear Sir,

Your feature last week on the new Moorgate trains repeated the boast from Govia that they have '27% more capacity'. However that is only achieved by having fewer seats and more space for enforced standing.

100 fewer seats than the old trains they are replacing. Is that progress? Is that what someone travelling on a train for up to 45 minutes wants? And still no loos on them.

Another train specified by the government rather than the train operator, like the uncomfortable outer-suburban class 700s.

Meanwhile we struggle on with just half the off-peak trains scheduled to run. How much longer will this continue? Every week I get a report from Govia telling me what a great job they are doing and that they are running more trains then before the May debacle - well not here in Welwyn Hatfield, we have less.

And now we face ever-higher fares for this appalling service. Rail minister Jo Johnson, taking instructions from his boss Failing Grayling, says we don't deserve even a one-year freeze. Beyond belief.

Malcolm Cowan
Liberal Democrat Councillor


Parking Problem Parked Again

No parking on vergeA decision on controversial parking changes in Parkway Close was postponed again last week due to the overwhelming opposition of local residents. LibDem group leader Malcolm Cowan who spoke up at the meeting said 'I cannot understand why the council seems determined to force through something against such strong opposition of those affected. The council normally does everything it can to work by consensus on parking and this usually works. Yet here, not only are residents set to lose parking spaces, their petition against was snubbed by the council to such an extent, members of the Parking Panel were not even made aware of it.

'This is poor at so many levels'

County councillor Nigel Quinton (Lib Dem) says 'There can be no excuse, and no hiding place, for the way the County Council has behaved in recent weeks. Assurances I have been given repeatedly have been shown to be false. I am taking this up at the highest level.'


Liberal Democrats Applaud PCC's Withdrawal of Hostile Takeover of Fire Service

Sustained Opposition Forces Re-Think

Hands off our Fire service!

In a joint announcement issued today with Herts County Council, Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd agreed to abandon his proposal to take control of the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, leaving the service under the governance of the County Council.

Responding to the news, Liberal Democrat Councillor and Opposition Spokesperson for Fire Service, Barbara Gibson said "This is long overdue, but very good news. How much time and money has been wasted by the PCC trying to railroad through his empire-building plan in spite of unanimous opposition from every county councillor, including those in the PCC's own party. In addition, most district councils have passed Motions opposing the move.

"The takeover bid should never have been submitted. Our sustained campaigning on this issue has saved the Fire Service from being asset-stripped and weakened. Lib Dems will continue to fight to put community safety first."


If at first you fail, try, try again

"That seems to be the motto for Wetherspoons at 22 Parkway" says LibDem councillor Malcolm Cowan. "While it is smaller than the 2 previous attempts which were turned down unanimously by the Development Management Committee, much of the harm that was identified then continues. And how disappointing that they have chosen to reveal their plans during the summer holidays when so many people are away."

Site of proposed Wetherspoons on Parkway, Welwyn Garden City

"It still has no parking either for customers or deliveries - Parkway will again bear the brunt; it is still fails to conform to the zoning for office-type use and it still looks like a large bar is the main feature. This is a pub by any other name. Yet there are far more suitable sites within the town centre - why don't Wetherspoons go for one of these?

"The plans Wetherspoons have submitted show the bedrooms are so small that the bed would be up against a wall in most rooms - hardly likely to attract many customers beyond the stag night crowd, and the worry is the hotel use will be dropped after a short while and Wetherspoons desire for a mega boozer will come about.

"You only have to look at the state of the building and grounds now to see the company cares not one bit for local opinion or sensitivity to the surroundings. Owner Tim Martin has repeatedly failed to reply to letters to him, showing his lack of interest in the town, just a desire to make a fast buck and let us face the consequences."


Recycling Rethink Required

Letter to Welwyn Hatfield Times


Dear Sir,

Twelve years ago as a Borough Councillor I was able to persuade our Council to start the process of a Climate Change Strategy and, after years of pressure from LibDem colleagues, to see positive moves towards increased recycling rates. Sadly, under our Conservative administration, the Climate Change Strategy withered on the vine, but I was pleased to see recycling rates increasing year on year to achieve 53% in 2016/17. This despite the ridicule I received from certain Conservative Councillors that 50% recycling would be totally unachievable.

Back in 2005 local LibDems ran regular collections in the URC church car park where residents could bring their plastic waste, which at the time the council refused to collect. Cllrs Skottowe, Quinton and Cowan with young ‘volunteer’ Jennie Quinton.

In 2005 local LibDems ran regular collections. Residents could bring their plastic waste, which at the time the council refused to collect.

By comparison, LibDem-run Three Rivers Council (in Rickmansworth) is achieving 63%, so there was still room for improvement, but now we hear that Welwyn Hatfield has dropped from 53% to 43.4% recycling rate in a single year. This fall in performance is due almost entirely to the Brown Bin Tax introduced last year, as many of us argued would happen at the time, which has massively reduced the amount of garden waste being recycled.

It is not even clear that the change of policy, which was pushed through by the Conservatives despite massive public opposition, has saved much Council Tax payers' money.

It is surely time for the new Conservative leadership at the Council to rethink this policy and start leading our community towards a greener future.

Nigel Quinton
Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Handside & Peartree


Bungled Brown Bin Charge Rubbishes Welwyn Hatfield Recycling Rates

  • Dramatic Drop in Recycling Rate Puts WHBC Bottom of Herts League Table
  • Tory-run Council Sending 15% More to Landfill

Cllr Malcolm Cowan: Don't Rubbish the Environment!With reporting now complete on the first year since Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council rolled out a £35 charge for garden waste collection, the borough's overall recycling rate has plunged from 53% in 2016/17 to 43.4% for 2017/18. This sharp decline puts Welwyn Hatfield near the bottom of all Hertfordshire local Councils. At the top of the Herts league table is Liberal Democrat-controlled Three Rivers District Council, which achieved a recycling rate of 62.4%.

"These results are alarming and disappointing, though not unexpected," said Barbara Gibson, County Councillor for Haldens Division and Opposition Spokesperson for Community Safety and Waste Management. "At the time of the proposed change, hundreds of people voiced concerns about the environmental impact, but the Conservatives voted unanimously to ignore those concerns, and rushed through the change without proper consultation and planning.

"As a result, this Council sent 15% more residual waste to landfill in the past year, an increase of nearly 3000 tonnes overall, and an average of 58 kg per household. This is simply unacceptable."

Liberal Democrats are calling for the Council to use proceeds of the brown bin charges to implement a free food waste collection for all residents as soon as is feasible.

Cllr Malcolm Cowan, Leader of the Lib Dem Group on the Council, said "The brown bin charge was always badly managed, and people were initially angry about the cost. But now they are most concerned about the environmental impact. The Conservatives have taken us backwards. That's just rubbish!"