Ringway come under fire again at County Hall

March 1, 2013 12:00 AM

Ringway, the County Councils new highways contractor, has again come
under fire from county councillors.

At a Full Council meeting at County Hall, Hertford, senior Ringway
Directors heard a barrage of complaints from opposition councillors who
questioned the Conservative Cabinet member for Highways (Cllr Stuart
Pile) over their poor performance since they took over responsibility for
maintaining Hertfordshire roads on 1st October last year.

"I was pleased that almost every opposition councillor was able to air
their concerns, and give examples, about the way Ringway had failed to
deliver the services we are paying them for. I was disappointed that
Conservative councillors failed to raise complaints despite me knowing they
have similar worries about the contractors and performance. It's almost
as if they did not want to seen to be criticising a multi million pound
company that they appointed to fix our roads." said Liberal Democrat
Leader and Highways Spokesman Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst.

"At least Cllr Pile took responsibility for the mess we have and
admitted that Ringway has let residents down, and were now trying to get
on top of the backlog of street light faults and road and footway
repairs. But there should not be the need to get on top of anything had
they delivered the service we paid them for from the 1st October.!

"I am also pleased that after I sent Stuart and the County an "open
letter" detailing not less than 18 failures in performance failure areas
they (Ringway) were issued a formal warning letter.

"Residents deserve better I want Ringway to put right the faults they
have missed, not provide excuses about new staff, contractor regulations
or anything else. They will make a profit on this contract, I've no
doubt , and our residents must not suffer. The question now is did the
Conservatives, who run County Hall, act quickly enough and put enough
pressure on when they knew things were going wrong? It does seem they
only acted after opposition members raised issues and their silence today
seem to bear that out."