Malcolm Cowan

County Councillor for Handside and Peartree

Borough Councillor for Peartree

Malcolm Cowan has represented Handside and Peartree on the county council since 2005 and is also a member of the borough council. He is currently opposition spokesperson for Resources - finance, personnel, performance , property - and deputy spokesperson for highways and transport.

He says 'The Conservatives will tell you all is well in the world, because they have kept council tax frozen for 4 years. But venture out either by car, cycle or on foot, and you will see the massive problems we face on our roads and footpaths - potholes that the new highways contractor seems unable to fix, large parts of our towns plunged into darkness at midnight and the major difficulties of getting around by bus, particularly going east or west.

We as LibDems put forward budget proposals to help tackle all of these issues and others, to be paid for from the significant cash surplus the county council keeps piling up each year. But the Tories said no. Labour said they agreed with some of the ideas but didn't vote in favour of any of them. Another opportunity to move forward wasted.

Then there is the scandal of the alleged fraud by some past employees of the previous highways contractor. This was only referred to the police when the LibDems insisted. The opportunity for false claims arises though the lack of adequate supervision and monitoring of much of the highways work, about which we have complained frequently.

Another issue on which I know many people feel strongly is the proposed incinerator at New Barnfield, in Travellers Lane in Hatfield. I have led the opposition to this at County Hall, and also put forward the motion at the borough council to oppose this, thankfully backed by most local councillors. The location, next to a special school which has a high number of autistic children, is quite unbelievable and shows how out of touch most of the Tories at County Hall are.

Support Malcolm for all year-round action, a strong lead on New Barnfield and to keep up pressure to improve our roads and footpaths.

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