Fix that Hole!

No motorist (and few pedestrians) can be unaware of the dreadful state of our road network, not just in Hertfordshire, but across the country as a whole.

The end of winter is a particularly bad time, as the freeze-thaw cycle accelerates the deterioration of already damaged roads. These potholes may just make driving uncomfortable, but more extensive damage to the road surface can cause serious damage to vehicles and, in extreme cases, threaten the safety of road users.

The Council has a set of rules to classify the severity of potholes and to set out what remedial actions are required and within what timescale. Hertfordshire County Council also has a website specifically for reporting problems with all aspects of highways. This is not limited to reporting damaged road surfaces, but can also be used to report issues with lighting, signage, road markings, drainage etc.

This page, and our "Handy Pothole Gauge" have been put together to help you report highway defects to the council. We hope you find it helpful

Reporting a defect

You can report potholes (and most other highways faults, including failed streetlights and damage to road signs etc) on the Highways Fault Reporting section of the Hertfordshire County Council website:

HCC Highway Fault Reporting

or via FixMyStreet, here:


If your vehicle has been damaged

If your vehicle or cycle has been damaged, the AA has some useful guidance of what to do here:

The AA: What to do if you hit a pothole

What happens next?

The Council should repair the damaged road according to the timetables set out in their Service Guide and Inspection Manual (links below). If they do not respond appropriately or within the published timescales, or if you think the repair is unsatisfactory, please contact us and let us know

The "Handy Pothole Gauge"

We have designed a "Handy Pothole Gauge" that you can use to help you assess the severity of any potholes or other road damage that you see. If you need to take any photographs to report damage or for insurance purposes, it may be useful to include this in your photographs to give a clear indication of scale. It also includes links to this page for easy reference.

You may print out as many copies as you like and carry them with you or share them with friends. If you have access to a laminator, a laminated copy is easier to use, especially in wet weather.

Pot Hole Gauge
Pot Hole Gauge [depth]
Pot Hole Gauge [length]

Click here to download your handy Pothole Gauge


If you are taking a photograph of a pothole (or anything else) for whatever reason, the safety of you and your passengers must remain paramount. Only take a photograph if it is safe and you can do so within the law (for example, never try to photograph potholes while you are on the Motorway). If you are in your vehicle and you have a hi-vis vest, put it on before stepping into the road. Hi-vis vests are cheap and readily available online and from most good motoring stores. It is mandatory to carry these inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle in many countries and they are a sensible addition to your every-day motoring equipment even though it is not mandatory to carry them in the UK.

Further Reading

Further information on how Hertfordshire County Council assesses and deals with Pot Holes and other highway issues may be found in

HCC Highways Service Guide 2017 Section 14


The HCC Inspection Manual (not for the faint hearted)