Jane Quinton
Hatfield North Candidate 2017

Jane QuintonI am very fortunate to have lived in Lemsford for the last 12 years with my husband and children and I love living in this area. But I feel that we are being ignored by Welwyn Hatfield Borough and Hertfordshire County councils.

Although a life-long Liberal Democrat, I became more involved in local politics once I started questioning the Borough Council's Local Development Plan, firstly in Panshanger and then more locally in Symondshyde and the Hatfield Garden Village. I became angry at the way our views were consistently ignored and want to see a change. Over the years, the council have time and again refused to listen to resident's views and just pushed through their own agenda as they did with the Brown Bin Tax.

The County Council are no different, seeming to work for themselves, not their residents. For example, I have seen the highways department send out a contractor to fill a pothole and mend a sign, but ignore all the other potholes and broken signs nearby - a waste of their time and our council tax. I want them to have a more responsible attitude to our communities over the roads, public transport, schools, social care and health care which are under the County Council's remit.

Being a councillor would allow me to fight more effectively for the services we need and stand up for everyone in our community, especially the most vulnerable. I believe that every person deserves a decent education and a decent chance in life, even when their circumstances are against them. The Liberal Democrats traditionally take pride in being hardworking and responsive to their residents and I want to keep up that tradition. I will work hard to do the best for the North Hatfield Division, both in the Hatfield Villages and Central Hatfield areas and do all I can to see residents are treated fairly. I also want to make sure that the necessary infrastructure and facilities are provided in the future to make Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield great places to live.

So if you have a problem, or an improvement you would like to see locally, please get in touch with me, jane@welhatlibdems.org.uk and I will do my best to help you.

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