Jean-Paul Skoczylas
Hatfield East candidate 2017

Jean-Paul SkoczylasI have been a lifelong Liberal Democrat voter but only joined the party in 2017, prompted by the diversion of main stream politics away from the centre; Tories moving right and Labour swerving left. As the Tories do not face an effective opposition it is time for the Liberal Democrats to hold the government to account.

I grew up in Stafford attending primary and secondary school until I was fourteen, when I received a rugby scholarship from Sedbergh School, Cumbria. From Sedbergh, I went on to study engineering at Cambridge University.

Now I am Civil Engineer. This profession has allowed my wife and I to live and work in the UK, the Middle East and Central Africa. Living within differing political structures and cultures has given me a great appreciation for the political and democratic traditions of the UK. The UK needs to work for the whole of society, underpinned by fair play and equality of opportunity.

I have always tried to put something back in to any community that I live in, whether it be volunteer tutoring in Cambridge, pro-bono engineering advice in Rwanda or now volunteering for Hertfordshire County Council's shared care scheme.

So why should I have the honour of representing you as your County Councillor? I am a husband, and father to be, who understands the pressures of modern life. I will strive for fairness and equality for the people of Hatfield East. I will listen and seek out people's opinions, necessities and concerns. We will make a stronger and healthier community together.

Thank you for reading this far. If you want to contact me at about any current issues, please feel free.

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