These are the opening words of the Liberal Democrat constitution, words that distil the essence of Liberalism and summarise the attitudes that lie at its heart. Liberalism has a long and proud tradition of radical legislation and campaigning to improve the lives of all people. Liberal thinking was at the forefront of the foundation of the welfare state, mass education, pensions, workers rights and the NHS. Liberals are also outward looking, seeking for other countries the freedoms and rights we have here and happy to work collaboratively to help this happen.

We fight for forward looking, internationalist and adaptable policies that have at their heart compassion for individuals. Because we are not tied to Big Business or Trade Union funding we are able to take a more rational, evidence based approach to policy making without being swayed by vested interests.

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On Europe...

Liberals seek a fairer society both nationally and internationally. We believe we are stronger - as communities, as a country and as a world - when we work together in our common interest. We believe that continued membership of the EU is desirable for those reasons and we are at the heart of the fight to minimise the damage done by the vote on the 23rd June 2016.

On Communicating...

Getting information out to people in the community is probably our most important and time consuming task. It can also be horribly expensive. For example if we sent just one letter by second class post to every household in Welwyn Hatfield it would cost us over £23000! That's way beyond the sort of budget we have, which is why we really depend on volunteers (who don't have to be party members) to help deliver our message. A typical round of letters would take about an hour to deliver. If you are fit enough for a gentle stroll every couple of weeks around election times then please let us know.

On Campaining...

Because of our respect for individual views, our Liberal perspective has always been based on listening to people to find out what it is they want. We always try and establish the local issues for people before working in a community to help them achieve change. We spend a lot of time talking to people on their doorsteps and carrying out surveys to inform our campaigns. We always need more people to volunteer to help with this aspect of our work and we will give you lots of training and support.

On Fundraising...

We don't have the same funding sources as the Tories (big business) or Labour (trade unions). All the money we need for our campaigns has to be raised from members and supporters. That means we need to be inventive in how we raise money. We have a dedicated Fundraising Team who work hard at this task but who would also really welcome new people to help out and chip in ideas.

On Message

The Liberal Democrats are unusual in British politics in that our members make the party policies. It doesn't matter if you are a new member (in fact they get more chances to speak at conference!), if you have a good idea for a policy that will improve people's lives you will be listened to. All our policies are voted on at conference. You will hear some fantastic speeches both from the stage and from the floor if you do come to conference but for that you DO need to be a member!

On Socialising...

It's not all hard work, though! Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats are a friendly bunch and we have a very active social calendar which has a wide range of activities from casual meals out, monthly Lib Dem Pints at local pubs, to formal dinners with talks from MPs and members of the House of Lords. We are always looking for people to help organise events and new ideas are very welcome.

If you have got this far down the page why not make the leap? Stop just sitting there and despairing at the mess we are in. Join us and help to make positive, practical changes to your country and town. Join the #libdemfightback to fight for Europe and the creation of a society that we can be proud of.

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