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Paul Zukowskyj
Hatfield South Candidate 2017

Paul ZukowskyjI first got involved in local politics in 2006, a period when the Labour Party were busy putting authoritarian policies in place, such as ID cards, fingerprinting children and a host of other legislation.

I've always recognised how important our freedoms are, and when I saw what our Government were doing in our name, I decided I could no longer stand by and simply watch.

Edmund Burke, an 18th C politician said it much better than I, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". I decided to get involved and try and make a difference.

In 2007 I discovered an incinerator was planned for Welwyn Hatfield. As a keen environmentalist, the idea of polluting our atmosphere instead of our soils was not acceptable. When we eventually discovered they want to build it on top of a hill, that it would burn over 1/3rd of a million tonnes of rubbish a year and would blight the lives of thousands of residents, I was determined to do all I could to stop it.

In 2013, residents in Hatfield South division decided, largely on the back of the anti-incinerator campaign I'm sure, to lend me their support and I was elected to Hertfordshire County Council by just 37 votes, having overturned a Conservative majority of almost 1000 votes.

Shortly after, HCC and residents properly joined battle in a Public Inquiry over the incinerator plan. After a nerve-racking wait over many months, we finally discovered we'd won. Then they appealed, and finally, in 2015, we won again and the plan was truly finished.

A marathon fight, but one I'm overjoyed to say we won, and won the right way, with evidence, with facts, with a dogged refusal to give up.

Since 2015 I've concentrated on getting the best for residents of southern Hatfield and Welham Green. Holding the Conservatives to account over their cuts to buses, to highways budgets and many, many other things. I find it frustrating and compelling in equal parts, compelling because I know Conservative Councillors could do what I do, but don't because it would seem most can't be bothered, and frustrating because I know the damage the Conservative policies are doing to my community.

Since my election to the Borough Council in 2016, most of my attention has been directed towards the Local Plan and the proposed housing the Conservatives want to spread over our precious green belt. The local Lib Dems are already planning our evidence and statements to the Public Inquiry, expected this Autumn, to try and again get the best possible result for our communities, reducing as much as possible the amount of green belt that is lost. Our green spaces are immeasurably valuable, once they're gone, they're gone forever.

I'm looking forward to representing southern Hatfield and Welham Green at County Hall for another four years, although I do sincerely hope after May those frustrating policies might begin to be peeled away, which will, of course, depend on whether the Conservatives maintain their majority. Time will tell!

If you have any questions, or any local issues you would like to see addressed, please do get in touch with me,

Paul talking about the impact of a speed camera he had installed on Station Road in Welham Green.

Posted by Paul4WGHatfieldSouth on Monday, 3 April 2017

Paul's message on how important your 4th May Herts County Council vote is for our greenbelt.

Posted by Paul4WGHatfieldSouth on Wednesday, 29 March 2017
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