Stephen Bustin
Welwyn Candidate 2017

Dr. Stephen A BustinI have lived in Oaklands since 2007 and have witnessed numerous changes that have taken place around our local area in that time, most notably being the vast increase in the amount of traffic on the B197. This is coupled to an evident lack of improvement to the road infrastructure, which causes daily traffic jams through Knebworth and along the B197 leading to the A1(M), as well as along the Welwyn Bypass. I consider that this situation could be rectified, if the County Council took more of an interest in such matters and applied some common sense to finding a solution. Hertfordshire County Council has had plenty of time to consider how best to improve traffic management around Welwyn and the surrounding villages, but it seems to me that any "improvements" they make to roads are ill-thought out and do not work in practice.

My initial focus as a councillor would be on issues such as this, which affect everyday life and lend themselves to being tackled by cross-party collaboration. I would also place emphasis on looking at solutions to help residents address the issue of care for the elderly, especially those suffering from dementia and work towards prioritising assistance for carers. Carers often find themselves isolated, unsupported and desperate for help, this needs to be rectified.

I am Professor of Molecular Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University and my main contribution to health issues has been my involvement in debunking the MMR autism myth as expert witness to the High Court in London and the Department of Justice in the USA. This work has exposed me to the tremendous difficulties many ordinary parents face when there is any kind of health issue with their child. I have learnt to listen to what people say and actively help them to tackle these problems.

I also have two daughters, one of whom is still at University. Hence I have experienced first-hand the harsh realities of the many austerity measures taken by County Councils in response to pressure from central government. Education, student welfare, health care provision, housing, adult social services and individual wellbeing have all been affected by savage cuts imposed in the name of budgetary need without much thought for the misery caused to individuals. I am motivated to stand for election by a desire make a positive contribution to our local environment and I believe that the Liberal Democrat programme and priorities are best suited to making a change to the deadlock that characterises our political situation.

Our main objective is to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society that balances the fundamental values of liberty and equality and fights poverty and ignorance. Whilst I understand that Council and political experience is an important factor in getting things done, I also believe that new blood is required to change course and think of solutions that come from being an average citizen, not a politician looking for advancement.

So if you have a problem, or an improvement you would like to see locally, please get in touch with me, and I will do my best to help you.

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